Sarda Metals & Alloys Limited
Sarda Metals & Alloys Limited (SMAL), a wholly owned subsidiary, operating 2 x 33 MVA Ferro Alloys plant backed by 80 MW captive thermal power plant enjoys a Two Star Export House status. During 2019-20, power generation was 453.40 MU as compared to 524.28 MU in the previous year. The ferro alloys production stood at 68,596 MTs as against 79,585 MTs in the previous year. Relining works in one of the furnaces was carried out during the year which resulted in production loss. Post relining, the furnace has demonstrated increased availability and reduced specific consumptions. Captive consumption of Power was 292.20 MU as against 331.71 MU in previous year. The above was coupled with low demand of power due to overall sluggishness in economy and prolonged monsoon. As a result the company was able to achieve PLF of 64.52% against PLF of 74.81% in previous year. During 2019-20, the Company exported 41,773 MTs ferro alloys against 69,844 MTs in the previous year valuing Rs.281.11 crore and Rs. 512.19 crore respectively. The fall in export was attributed mainly to trade war and subdued market conditions. However, the company was able to capture the domestic market achieving sales of 26,956 MTs against 10,414 MTs in the PY. During 2019-20, the Company has reported a net profit of Rs. 2.86 crore as against Profit of Rs.5.92 crore in P.Y. The fall in the profit was on account of the production loss because of time taken for overhaul and relining of furnaces. The company has met all its financial obligations on time.
Annual Reports
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