Parvatiya Power Ltd
Parvatiya Power Limited (PPL) is operating 4.8 MW Loharkhet Hydro Power project in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. The Plant is based on River Sarju. The Company has supplied 217.18 lakh KWh (Previous Year 182.67 lakh KWh) to the state grid. The Plant has achieved second highest generation in F.Y. 2019 which is marginally lower than highest recorded generation of 217.88 MU in the F.Y. 2011-12. The plant enjoys debt free operations since financial year 2017-18. The capacity of the Plant is being enhanced by installing additional unit of 3 MW. The Detailed Project Report has been submitted for approval of Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited. During 2018-19, the Company has earned profit after tax of Rs. 2.76 crore (Previous Year Rs. 5.22 crore). The profit during the previous year was on higher side on account of reversal of the deferred tax liability. The company has made provision of Rs.9.96 crore towards impairment in the value of investments. During 2018-19, the Company has made investment in M/s Apex Equipments Private Limited resulting into increase in its holding in the Company from 6.50% to 16.30%. Your Company continues to hold 51% stake in PPL.
Annual Reports
   PPL Annual Report 2018-19.pdf
   PPL Annual Report 2017-18.pdf
   PPL Annual Report 2016-17.pdf
   PPL Annual Report 2015-16.pdf
   PPL Annual Report 2014-15.pdf
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