Chhattisgarh Hydro Power Llp
Chhattisgarh Hydro Power LLP (CHPLLP), is engaged in implementation of small hydro power projects in the state of Chhattisgarh. The state has potential for hydro projects which is largely unexploited. This gives immense opportunity to the LLP as it has licenses for implementation of four small hydel power projects with total installed capacity of 98.76 MW. The first 24 MW Gullu Small Hydro Electric Project has been commercialized in F.Y. 2017-18. The capacity of the Plant has been enhanced from 24 MW to 24.96 MW during 2018-19. The Plant has been earning cash surplus from the very first year of its operation. It has generated healthy business returns supported by adequate fixed feed in tariff. During 2018-19, the Plant has generated and supplied 632.95 lakhs units and has earned profit of Rs. 10.01 crore in its first full year of operations. Amongst other allotted Projects, 24.90 MW Rehar-I SHP is in the most advance stage of take off. Various statutory clearances including Second stage (Final) forest clearance is in place. Pre construction activities like construction of labour camps, stores and guest house is complete. Your Company holds 60% stake in the LLP as on March 31, 2019. In the current year (2019-20), subsequent to restructuring of the LLP, your Company has increased its stake in the Company to 100% (72% directly and 28% through its wholly owned subsidiary, M/s Sarda Energy Limited).
Annual Reports
   CHP LLP Annual Report 2018-19.pdf
   CHP LLP Annual Report 2017-18.pdf
   CHP LLP Annual Report 2016-17.pdf
   CHP LLP Annual Report 2015-16.pdf
   CHP LLP Annual Report 2014-15.pdf
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