In view of its long term strategic plan, SEML is very strongly focused on gaining 100% raw material self-sufficiency. For SEML the key inputs constitute of coal, iron ore and manganese ore. The company already has acquired two mines with estimated coal reserves of nearly 308 million MT out of which nearly 200 million MT (Open and Under Ground mining ) at Gare IV/7 , near Raigarh and in Madanpur Block which estimated reserve is 108 million MT out of which SEMLís share is 36 million MT. The total estimated coal reserve of SEML is 236million MT.

SEML's operational iron ore mine is located in the Rajnandgaon, CG with potential reserves of 20 million MT and annual output of around 200,000 MT. In addition to this, the Company has got an in-principle approval from the Government of India for five more mines possessing sufficient reserves to meet our requirement for the next 25 years.

The Company acquired mining rights for manganese ore from private parties in Goa. The potential reserve of the mine is nearly 6 million MT. In addition to that, reconnaissance permits/ in-principle approvals were granted in favor of the Company for three mines in Madhya Pradesh.