TMT Bars

SEML has a 10 year patent to produce High Quality TMT Bars under its brand name, 'Hytech' TMT.

TMT is a special heat treatment process, involving rapid quenching of the hot rolled bar in a special water system converting the surface layer into a hardened structure, followed by tempering process involving flow of heat from the core of the bar to the surface and finally atmospheric cooling of the finished product on the cooling bed. This transforms the outer layer of the bar into tempered martensitic state, while internally the bar is a fine perlite core.

Specification Steel Product Specifications.

Product/ Grade %C %P %S %Tramp Elements
Thermo Mechanical Treatment(TMT) :
Size in mm : 8,10,12,16,20,25,28,32,36,40
Fe415 0.30 Max 0.060 Max 0.060 Max %Cr+Ni+Mo+Cu=<0.05
Fe500 0.30 Max 0.055 Max 0.055 Max %Cr+Ni+Mo+Cu=<0.05
Fe550 0.30 Max 0.055 Max 0.050 Max %Cr+Ni+Mo+Cu=<0.05