Sarda Energy & Minerals Hongkong Ltd
Sarda Energy & Minerals Hongkong Limited, Hongkong (SEMHKL), is a wholly owned subsidiary, functioning as global investment arm of your Company. During 2018-19, the subsidiary reported a net profit of Rs.7.20 crore as against net profit of Rs.14.27 crore in the previous year. The company has paid a dividend of USD 2.60 Mn during the year (Pr. Year USD 2.25 Mn).
Annual Reports
   SEMHKL Annual Report 2018-19.pdf
   SEMHKL Annual Report 2017-18.pdf
   SEMHKL Annual Report 2016-17.pdf
   SEMHKL Annual Report 2015-16.pdf
   SEMHKL Annual Report 2014-15.pdf
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