Sarda Energy Limited
Sarda Energy Limited (SEL), a wholly owned subsidiary was incorporated as an SPV to put-up 1320 MW super critical IPP thermal power project in Chhattisgarh. As reported earlier, the Company has abandoned the project. The surplus funds lying with the Company were invested in Madhya Bharat Power Corpora􀆟on Limited as part of promoters’ contribution. During the year under review, the subsidiary reported a net profit of Rs.0.92 crore as against net profit of Rs.4.16 crore in the previous year.
Annual Reports
   SEL Annual Report 2016-17.pdf
   SEL Annual Report 2015-16.pdf
   SEL Annual Report 2014-15.pdf
   SEL Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
   SEL Annual Report 2012-13.pdf
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