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SEML ranked among top 500 most valuable private sector Indian companies by Business Today November 30, 2008
In its 16th edition of the BT 500 list, Business Today ranked Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd. among the top 500 most valuable private sector companies second time in a row. This year SEML was ranked at 377 as compared to 466 last year.

To arrive at the list of India’s most valuable companies, BT relied on the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’s (CMIE’s) Corporate Database Prowess. Initially 4,925 companies listed on BSE were included in the List.  From this, public sector banks and companies were excluded as there is a separate list for the state-run companies.

Following this 4,831 companies were considered. From this list, companies whose shares were traded between April 1 & October 31, 2008 were included; 3,100 companies made the cut. After that only those companies were included in the top 1,000 list that were traded for at least 20 percent of the number of trading days (145 days) for the period under study (April 2008 to October 2008).

Other than market capitalization BT also looked at sales, net profit, return on net worth, return on capital employed, earning per share and net profit margin.  For a detailed list of the BT 500 list please click here.